Does Hair Weave Come From Pubic Hair!!!!?!!! (Photos)

Most hair for hair weaves come from India, China, Peruvian, Brazil, Europe and many more... The type, texture and quality of the hair is very important to the finished weave or extension and directly related to the cost of the product (not necessarily the cost of the service to do the weave). Extensions and weaves are done with human (could be pubic hair), animal (usually horse), and artificial hair. Since there is very little or no regulations of this product, other than the country of origin, there is no true way to determine the source of the hair by the time it's used at your local salon. However, I stumbled upon this pictures on the internet and this has really changed my views and opinion on weaves....

Ladies before you decide to buy a new weav-on, take a very good look at these pictures..

After seeing you still want to use weaves? Men will you still encourages your women to use weaves? leave your comments below...

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na wa ooo women palava


Oyebokun Omobolanle Olaiya said:

na wa ooo women palava

i think weaves are industrial produced as far as chemistry is concern

How can you prove it @Cuz? lol there is no known fact but just that its from Human and horse tail...the human part

okafor kingsley chuks said:

i think weaves are industrial produced as far as chemistry is concern

we now have chemical that can produce hair just by applying it that my prove

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